Breakout Sessions

2017 Minority Business Conference
Overview/Summary – Alumni-Led Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session I – Entrepreneurship and managing your day job
Many MBA students have entrepreneurial aspirations but struggle with the thought of juggling the duties of full-time employment while pursuing their passion. We are looking to hear from those whom have succeeded/failed in balancing the responsibilities of their full-time job and launching a business venture. The key takeaways from this session will be: 1) how to manage risk and successfully balance both tasks, 2) lessons learned as result of this process, and 3) the positive implications entrepreneurship has on one’s performance in the workplace.

Breakout Session II – Making significant impact as a new hire and work/life balance thereafter
The first portion of this session will focus on hitting the ground running and making significant impact within an organization post-MBA. The second portion of this session will focus on work/life balance once one has been promoted and been given more responsibility. We would prefer to hear from those individuals with 10+ years of post-MBA experience.

Breakout Session III – How politics and media affect workplace dynamics
Regardless of the political beliefs we subscribe to, the political climate and the media outlets from which we consume information have a great deal of influence on social interactions within the workplace. Panelists will discuss their experience in dealing with such encounters in professional settings. In addition, panelists will provide advice on how to address these situations for the benefit of the organization.

Breakout Session IV – The future of tech outside of Silicon Valley
Several U.S. cities have emerged as “tech hubs” as the technology industry continues to realize exponential growth. The ideal panelist will have experience in the technology industry and possess in-depth knowledge regarding cities that are up-and-coming centers for technological innovation. The key takeaways from this session will be: 1) which cities/areas are currently serving as hubs for start-ups and other industry participants, 2) trends seen in these cities/areas and in the industry overall, and 3) hypotheses concerning the direction the industry is heading toward.